Floods of Record
The three slate pieces making up the "Floods of Record" which affected Scottsville prior to the building of the levee are Buckingham County slate.  Each piece weighs approximately 500 pounds.  The flood levels and inscriptions were done by Wayne Apperson of Slate Designs, Palmyra, Virginia.  Wayne also led the installation process.  Special stainless steel fastners were fabricated to our specifications by Quality Welding of Charlottesville.  Parham Construction of Charlottesville graciously provided the Crane on September 9, 2003.  Our thanks to Ronnie Parham, Ronnie Chewning and Shelby Heatherly of Parham Construction for their assistance.  As they have done so many times, local volunteers have shown up and provided so much help.  Our thanks to Tim Small, Mac MacNamara, Barry Clark, Joe Flasinski, John Bowers, and last but not least, Mayor Steve Phipps for their help in mounting the slate.

 The Floods of Record for Scottsville are based on
United States Geographical Survey official records which may be viewed at  http://waterdata.usgs.gov/va/nwis/peak?site_no=02029000&agency_cd=USGS&format=html.
Gage readings above 20 feet are considered flood stage.

 Real time water data for the Scottsville gage may be found at http://waterdata.usgs.gov/va/nwis/uv?02029000

Photos on this page by John Bowers

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