Edward Scott Batteau
The Edward Scott Batteau was a reproduction that was built by Captain Ed Barbour, it participated in the annual Batteau Festival for a number of years, and finally upon its first retirement, was donated by Ed to the Town of Scottsville for display in Canal Basin Square.  
Our sincere thanks to Captain Ed Barbour.

Preparation for movement to Canal Basin Square:

A volunteer crew worked to raise the Edward Scott from underwater storage in Totier Creek reservoir.  

The Edward Scott as seen on its temporary blockage in dry dock at Canal Basin Square.  
A thorough cleaning followed by several coats of preservative.

Bill Schneider installing anchors to lock the Edward Scott to its permanent moorage.
Bill doing a bit of house keeping on the Edward Scott.
L-R:  Randolph Smith and Rai Riviere installing canopy supports on the Edward Scott.  
Edward Scott builder, Ed Barbour, in the background with Randolph and Rai working on the support structure for the canopy.
The canvas canopy was installed on the Edward Scott for special events such as the Batteau Festival, Jamesfest, and 4th of July.

October 2012:  Age and the environment have taken their toll on the Edward Scott and it has been retired for the second time and removed from display.  The Lord Chesterfield was offered to Scottsville for display in Canal Basin Square and delivery and installation were made on September 12, 2013.  See the next page.

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