News:  James River and Kanawha Canal replica Freighter under construction!

May 22, 2018
The town has contracted with Doug Hurr to build a freighter in the third boat slip.  The boat will be very similar to the open deck freighter in the above picture. It will be a small class open deck freighter and named the "Lizzie of Scottsville" which is a boat actually built in the local Tutwiler boat yard which was just down the street from the Canal Basin. Doug and volunteers have begun construction on the boat and completion is now expected by the end of August.  If you would like to volunteer to help in the construction of this boat we are working on the boat most mornings weather permitting at Canal Basin Square.  Come on down early in the morning as once it gets really hot we stop for the day.

Architect concept:  Courtesy of Thomas Morley

Construction Photos of the Lizzie of Scottsville replica

The hull is under construction.  Doug and Frank did all this work.  Note the port hull is leaning in at an angle so we have access to apply the siding.  It was very heavy as the siding is green rough sawn white oak.  We used a come along to assist in pulling the side back up so we could align both sides of the hull.
View from the stern  end.  Early construction of the hull sides.  Note the concrete tubes that formed aligned foundations for the hull. A trailer that hauled the lumber is parked temporarily inside the hull.  
Doug on the saw and Frank Sherwood assisting.  Decking for the bow is being applied here.
Frank observing Doug doing something.
All the deck joists have been installed and the next step is to install the main deck.
Doug and John have been installing deck in this photo taken on 8/3/18.
Kit Decker wrangling deck boards onto the boat so Doug and John can fasten them to the joists.
Doug fits the boards for length on the joists and then he and John secure them.  (I know.  Where is John?  He is taking the photos.)
8/4/18:  The sun finally came out so we stopped for the day as it was getting very hot and the humidity was also very high.  Note the deck is about 50% complete in this photo.  Due to the August heat John and Doug began work about 6 am or there about many mornings.  Frank came about 8 AM  and was a welcome site as he went right to work.
Next step is to complete the main deck, then build the crew cabin, then complete the deck at the stern and the stern itself.  We should be able to finish by the end of August, weather permitting.  
A little less than half of the main deck remains to be finished.
Doug putting finishing boards on the fore deck.
Main deck is 99% finished. August 5, 2018
August 6:  Frank came by to bring a chalk line and "jaw" for a while.  Deck boards are being cut for the aft deck.
The aft deck has been completed and framing to support the decking around the sides of the cabin has been  installed.  The framing for the cabin outline can be seen.
Decking nearing completion.  
Decking 99 and 44/100 percent complete.  Will plan to finish tomorrow and start on the cabin.
 A little trim being applied below the gunwales.
Beginning to frame the crew cabin.
The chop saw is used for a lot of the cuts on the freighter.  The skil saw is also indispensable.  
Framing moving right along.
Two windows are boxed on each side of the crew cabin.
Here you can clearly see the windows and the siding has been applied.
Trimming the last of the siding boards on this side.
Interior view of the construction.  In lieu of glass windows we will simply build shutters and apply to the exterior of each opening.
Roof rafters are being installed here.  Note the curve to the top of the roof.
An overall view of the crew cabin with roof framing nearing completion.
Doug is installing blocks to allow for a over hang of the roof on this side of the cabin.
Frank working on the roof over the crew cabin.  Monday August 13, 2018
Doug working with a grinder to smooth the side of the roof.

Photos by John Bowers

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